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“Our mission is to ensure that each & every client of ours is happy & the deliverable is above & beyond their expectation in terms of quality & value.”

About Sales on Sky

Sales on Sky is a Boutique Creative Agency!

We are a collective of Web Development & Web Designing, Digital Marketing and Branding services that will help skyrocket your business.

Your business has a unique story and we are here to help you tell it by our outstanding designs, campaigns and content.

Do you want to build a website for your business?

Or redesign an existing website or change just a few features?

Are you looking for SEO services for your business?

Or do you require great content to promote your business through your website, blogs or on social media?

Is Branding running on top of your mind?

Do not worry, WE GOT YOUR BACK!

We can make all of this happen for you through our team of professionals who are subject matter experts in their own niches [We think of them as our stars].

We started Sales on Sky back in 2012 with a passion for Creativity. Starting from Websites; we then diversified our services to Digital Marketing and Branding with the aim of providing hassle free solutions to our clients at our one stop boutique creative shop.

We believe in maintaining long term relationships with our clients & hence, we push ourselves around the clock to deliver amazing quality solutions to keep them happy.

We would like our clients to think of us as an extended part of their time, who are aiming to help you reach your GOALS.

Don’t Worry, We've Got You Covered

We provide website development, redesigning & SEO services.
Our Melbourne based team has experience in working with clients from different sectors.

Customer Support

We provide lifelong support to our clients. Our team ensures that your query is resolved as soon as possible. Irrespective of where in Australia you are, we provide ongoing service through phone, email or Skype.

Web Design

We do not believe in the one size fits all approach, every business is unique and it is important for each website to reflect the philosophy & brand of the business.

Quality Assurance

Our mission is to ensure that each & every client of ours is happy & the deliverable is above & beyond their expectation in terms of quality & value.


We can review your site and suggest necessary changes to enhance website appeal & clicks


We want our clients to stay ahead of their competition at all times by being on top of their game through


We ensure that each & every design and layout is well created so as to provide intuitive website navigation, fast uploading pages, minimal scroll with all types of browsers & screen resolutions

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