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Why Choose a Boutique Web Designing Agency over a Bigger Firm?

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Building a new website for your brand? Or want to redesign an already existing website?

The real hard choice is to decide whether to go for a big multinational company or to go for one of those Boutique web designing agencies (like we are at Sales on Sky).


Let’s start by understanding what exactly a Boutique web design agency is:

A boutique describes a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. A boutique design agency is a business which operates with a small group of professionals focusing on specialized services for their clients. They customize the experience of their customers by providing high-quality deliverables each time.

So what really are the benefits of hiring a boutique web design agency? Let’s take this objectively –

I. Costs: One of the most important considerations when it comes to deciding which design firm to go with is, your Budget. So let’s discuss this first.

Boutique Agency: We operate out of smaller offices and with small teams, which means that the there are lower overhead costs.

Multinational firms: Larger firms require higher overhead and agency fees. They have a huge number of employees, support staff, high utility costs, and huge offices which don’t come cheap. The costs have to go somewhere, which means all your money is not being spent on the actual campaign.

II. Turnaround time: When a brand decides to hire a web designing agency, they might have a campaign in mind which they would like to get to the market. It is very important that your marketing campaigns move faster, which means campaigns can begin quickly and you can see results faster.

Boutique Agency: When your project is handed over to a boutique company, the project is handled by a fewer people. Which means the process becomes quicker and approvals come in faster. Also, when fewer people work on any campaign, it’s easier to contact the team and get issues fixed and you generally have direct access to the owner/CEO.

Multinational firms:  Larger firms often have larger teams, which results in more processes, more approvals, complicated workflow etc. In times of urgency, it is difficult to reach the proper point of contact to get something fixed. It may seem so that bigger agencies have more resources to fulfill your marketing campaign needs, however at times they are highly inflexible and inefficient. They also deal with multiple clients at a time, which ultimately leads to delays.

III. Focused approach: When hiring a design agency, you would want them to give you specialized services which suit your business and are not a one for all solution.

Boutique Agency: The team that pitches your idea will be the team which will work on your project. When you choose a boutique agency, you get a solution which is best suited to your needs, your market and your audience. We have employees who are subject matter experts in Web designing, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and more.

Multinational firms: Larger companies work with multiple clients, as a result, they have less experience working with targeted markets. No doubt that big firms have a lot of experience but they at the same time, they lack expertise.

IV. Creativity: Often, it is not the size of the firm that matters but what does is the ability of the team members, how flexible they are and how willing they are to work on new ideas and take challenges.

Boutique Agency: We offer creative flexibility to our clients. This creativity goes a long way when it comes to catching the eye of your consumers and helping them build a connection with your brand. Providing this is crucial for a flourishing boutique web design firm. Hence, these firms become more collaborative, try to bring new perspective to the table and are typically more innovative in their approach.

Multinational firms: Larger firms tend to use similar but not identical methods to work on projects. While clients may often want to apply the methodology of the larger firms, however the larger firms are not very willing to try new methods or plans. They are set in their ways and methodology, which means that there will only be so many ways to solve a problem when it arises.

V. Personalized relationships: Anybody would prefer contacting the team members/ owner over contacting somebody indirectly through a secretary or other team members.

Boutique Agency: When you work with a boutique firm, you get a personal experience. You are directly in touch with the creative team, and there is an ease of communication without any barriers. Your suggestions and changes are welcome and worked on by specialists who are a part of the team throughout the project.

Multinational firms: Large firms have different people involved in the various stages of the project which might bring a lag, a difference of opinion/ ideas. Larger firms do have big client names but more the clients, more there is on their staff’s plates which decreases the amount of focus required for each client and also leads to neglect in some cases.

Now that we have gone through some major criteria that is most important to clients while selecting the right web design agency for them, it becomes obvious that a Boutique web design Agency is the perfect choice.

A boutique agency is going to be more nimble, more adaptable, not afraid to experiment, more cost-effective and more likely to move quickly at what they are trained to do – handle their niche product offering.

Working with boutique creative agencies allows you to grow together. Try looking beyond the perceived prestige of a large company and realize that boutique agencies are for everybody. Consider the flexibility and economic savings of a boutique design agency, their expertise and their creativity and the relationships you’ll build as you both grow together. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge creative website or help with your SEO needs, using a boutique agency can provide you with a strategy that will separate you from your competitors.

So next time you’re looking to get big results with your creative projects, think Boutique Agency!

Let us know if you have any specific or any type of questions in your mind.

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