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Since our inception in 2012, Sales on Sky has helped many a business blossom into vibrant brands. Our state of the art web development, optimization and branding services, will set you apart from your competition and get you 1st page rankings* which will help you grow your business and revenue.

Web Development

Web Designing
Domain Hosting / Web Hosting

Digital Marketing Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Media Optimization(SMO)
Content Marketing

Branding Services

Logo Designing
Facebook / Instagram Page Creation
Photographers (For your specific brand image needs)

Why Sales on Sky?

Affordable Services
Providing the most affordable costs for your projects is something we are very keen about. We understand when your business requirements and work towards fulfilling them without creating a hole in your pockets! (or without quoting prices that hit the roof)
Cordial Team
An added benefit of working with Sales on Sky are our folks. We are a bunch of lively people who love interacting with people. A cup of coffee with our CEO will turn out to be one of the most interesting conversations you’ve had.
Personalised Service
We tailor our packages to provide the best solution for your projects which resonate with your needs. We are a group of individuals who have specialized skills in handling projects. Every project is considered unique with individual requirements and specific understanding. Hence, there is always going to be a pleasant difference and a personal touch to the services provided to you.
Onshore Work
We believe in getting work done locally. We have some of the best professional designers, programmers and creative writers across the country.
Quick Turnaround Time
We take pride in announcing that we can deliver solutions very fast. Do you have a last minute situation? Or do you quickly need some changes? We are there to give you the best grade results in a very short time-frame. Our on priority services are meant just for you, nobody understands the pressure of commencing the perfect business in a time crunch better than us.


How Does it Work?

  1. You get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, possible solutions and the best price for you and select the services immediately.
  2. We take over from here, and start working on your website.
  3. Once you like the website and think that it reflects your brand value, then it we GO LIVE!
  4. So once again, the day is saved! Thanks to Sales on Sky.

We Are a Good Fit For


Small Sized Businesses

Are you planning to start your own business by investing your savings into it? We understand that setting up a business may look like it could cost a fortune, and if you’ve not done your research well, it might just end up being expensive. But we’ve got you. Our team is highly experienced in providing services to scalable businesses which have very specific goals and would like to grow gradually.


Big or Medium Sized Businesses

Do you plan to start your own business empire or do fairly well in your own niche? The size of your business defines the volume of your sales, the bulk of consumers you are targeting, the volume of services you offer, your organizational goals or many more. We believe that, the size of the business demands a unique approach to run it; similarly, when it comes to building websites, redesigning them or promoting them through Digital Marketing efforts, it requires a specific approach.



Online shopping has opened a new arena for all shopping lovers as they get access to all the wonderful products in the comfort of their homes. Doing business on the internet has become even more lucrative. Not to forget, that being online has made businesses even more accessible to a larger clientele, geographically as well. We can help you in giving your online store a new look and guide you in launching it in the online world.

How Much do we Charge You?

When it comes to starting your own business, you could be big spenders or you may not be looking for some of those expensive solutions, either ways, we can give some really competitive prices and we promise that you will be able to save up and enjoy some of your hard earned money, or you could just invest it elsewhere for your business. We provide all our services at unmatched prices, while firms charge huge amounts of money for your projects, we provide our services at less than half the price.

We believe in giving customized services based on your requirements, which means you get a chance to make your own combinations and we will chalk out a quote for you based on the services you picked. Doing service packages defeats this purpose and makes our service plans very rigid.

Watch The Magic Unfold!

How it works in three steps

You get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, possible solutions and the best price for you.

Once you think, we are the right choice for you, we take over from here and move on to creating your strategy! We begin with a questionnaire and develop a strategy focused on making magic happen for your business.

Once you feel good about the website and think that it reflects your brand value, then it we GO LIVE! We'll keep you updated every step of the way!


What our clients say about us

Ilya Baciulis

“I love my new site, thanks to the Sales on Sky team. You truly understand what I was looking for and delivered it efficiently. I highly recommend the Sales on Sky team to everyone.”

Sam Cronford

“Thank you for being so helpful & patient with my questions & making me feel at ease. The result has been a fivefold increase in the clicks of my website. Thanks again guys.”

Mikey Collins

“Sales on Sky has been the best team I have worked with in a long time. Their attention to details & interest in my business made the process fun & enjoyable for me, contrary to what I was expecting.
Thanks to you talented people!!”

Wendy Fayman

“I trusted Sales on Sky with my project 2 years back & I must say that has been the best decision by far. I would highly recommend them as a company, you won’t find a better team.”

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